Brave Road Entertainment - Frank Connelly
  • Compassionate Business Development Director
Frank comes to the Brave Road with a lifetime of international experience as a social impact enabler, using technology to activate stakeholder engagement, communication, education and partnership. With degrees in Law, Behavioral Psychology and Political Science, Frank brings an unparalleled ability to pathfind, organize and activate aligned groups and their missions. In an ocean of digital thought leader “influencers”, Frank stands out instead as an actual changemaker. His superpower is an ability to meet stakeholders exactly where they are and develop goal and metric oriented social impact solutions.
As Brave Road’s Compassionate Business Development Director, Frank is at the leading edge of the Brave Road’s digital entertainment-activation ecosystem. His special experience in this realm is a product of years of award winning writing and production that digitally communicates the stories that inspire and activate equitable development and CSR initiatives. Most recently Frank is creator of our project “Hero Bridge” a digital hub that aggregates data from over twenty organizations that uses inspiring entertainment to incite social activism around the often complicated issue of homelessness, restorative social support, foster youth and mentors in Greater Los Angeles.
Frank volunteers for Habitat for Humanity LA and sits on the board of the Habitat LA Catholic Coalition.