Brave Road Entertainment

Our Story

Finding your tribe on the purpose driven road described a rare moment in time when the right people came together as one to build The Brave Road. Like those brave people before us who built railroads and highways across our great Nation to connect people in cities and suburbs, The Brave Road is paving a digital highway for collaborators, innovators, storytellers, business leaders and changemakers.
When Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Andrew Bishop read John Wood’s book Leaving Microsoft to Change the World in 2007, he found himself forever changed. Andrew suddenly realized that the system he was plugged into – and had spent decades contributing to – was the very thing he wanted to change. That initial inspiration led to many thought exercises and contributions to charities, but yet to emerge was a way he could incorporate meaning and purpose into all his future work.
Fast forward many years later when Andrew found himself in a movie production meeting, where he was told “We love your project but it’s too earnest for our network.” Too earnest! And with that, the initial spark turned into a blazing fire. The formula was simple: build upon compassion, cause and collaboration and position the resulting consortium as powerful tools for change.
Like a lightning rod – he quickly attracted a broad spectrum of like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds who believed in these core principles. Together they resolved to create a corporation with purpose; and thus The Brave Road, a Public Benefit Corporation, was born. Lane Shefter Bishop readily agreed to head up development and production utilizing her decades of experience to quickly help build out various content initiatives. Next, Chief Impact Officer Nancy Dyste Christiano, who came from the world of charitable causes and corporate social giving, brought in key relationships to help drive impact.
Andrew, Lane and Nancy, along with the support of a team of passionate people and corporations, embarked on a journey – a pilgrimage whose goal is nothing short of helping to change the world through impact content and global responsibility in commerce. All who share in these same principles are welcome to join us on The Brave Road, and to help write and guide our future story together.