Brave Road Entertainment - LISA MARIE
  • Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships
Lisa has been an “old school cool” entrepreneur for over 4 decades. Her life has been lived a la Joseph Campbell – Following Her Bliss. This following carried her to over 20 countries as a culture broker: from the Shamans in Peru to Cycling in Mexico, from the Kitchens of Italy to Professional Baseball in Japan – everywhere Lisa has spent time there is a footprint of joy, friendship and of innovative business.
Lisa turned to Hollywood and media with the desire to just establish a higher benchmark of expectation. She raised all funds – as a novice to Hollywood – and shot a smart women’s talk show (5 episodes) called Wake Up! 4K cameras, Oprah’s original LA studio, 3 sets, a team of professionals aligned by a call from Kentucky – sight unseen – because of their faith in Lisa’s word.
And she delivered. Her success was the pure self-empowered mojo and fearless confidence that she could just create something “better”. Believing if she did, it could simply set a new standard. Wake Up! was nationally distributed on POP.
The power of media and the importance of good storytelling satisfied a deep ache in Lisa to have global impact with her life.
She joined The Brave Road after two years of developing a new media model, deeply networking with brand leadership, filmmakers, NGOS and UN affiliates.  LOOKtv Network – a grand vision she shares with The Brave Road.
Often referred to as a “Sheer Force”, it is Lisa’s vitality that feeds her notable charisma and true, authentic kindness for others. She lives knowing she is here to always expand into the work of her highest angels.