Brave Road Entertainment - LIZ TICHENOR
  • Associate Producer / Editor
Liz was a biologist and naturalist for many years.  She worked for U.S. Fish and Wildlife in Alaska and for the California State Park System.  In 2004 she decided to follow her dream of being a visual artist and went back to school to study photography.  Since joining forces with Andrew in various ventures she has used her photographers eye shooting b-roll on production, creating one-sheets and other materials for pitching projects to networks and most recently she has found a passion for video editing which has become the major focus of her work at The Brave Road.
Liz is a Swiss Army knife of a person.  Basically whatever needs to get done, she will take on.  Her ability to stay positive and take action under pressure makes her an invaluable part of our team.
When Liz is not working she loves to travel.  She has been on many adventures including a 3 month trip to Thailand and India, and a 3 month solo trip driving across the U.S.  Her most recent journey was a month long adventure in Vietnam.  She has also traveled throughout Europe visiting the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Lichtenstein.